Aircraft Paintshed

Screenshot by GinGin from the FlightGear Forums - used under CC-BY-SA 4.0

FlightGear Australia has historically made liveries for many different FlightGear aircraft, however, apart from those available from FlightGear Livery Database, or those available within livery packs or base downloads of FlightGear aircraft, they are no longer supported by FlightGear Australia.

Please use an archive manager such as 7-Zip or similar to extract the archives below.

Air Albania

One livery depicting Air Albania's Boeing 737-800, nicknamed 'Migjeni' and registered TC-JZG. Turkish Airlines owns 49.12% of the airline, a joint venture between Albania and Turkey. This is a hybrid livery, incorporating aspects of Turkish Airlines' livery, with Air Albania's own unique identity.

Atlantic Airways

Two liveries for the flag carrier of the Faroe Islands can be found here. One is for the Airbus A320-214 (CFM56-5B4), registered OY-RCJ and nicknamed 'William', the other for the Airbus A320-251N (neo - CFM LEAP-1A26), registered OY-RCK and nicknamed 'Ingálvur'.

Azerbaijan Airlines

Depicting Azerbaijan Airlines Boeing 757-200, registered 4K-AZ38, this download includes two options, one without winglets (as how AZAL operate the aircraft in reality) as well as one with winglets (as we like the look of 757s with winglets). There are no other differences between the liveries.

Buta Airways

This package depicts Buta Airways' Embraer ERJ-190, registered VP-BRU. Buta Airways is a low-cost carrier fully owned by Azerbaijan Airlines, and using their parent company's airline codes and callsign. The shape depicted in the logo and livery is the sacred mythological bird Simurg - from Iranian mythology.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

This package includes an updated paintkit for the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, as well as available liveries from the FlightGear Livery Database of Boeing 787-8 operators converted to work with the current Boeing 787-8 in FGADDON. With thanks to Andrea Coccia, Ahmet Erfkemper and 'Rick' for their contributions to the livery database that were converted/updated.

Place the folders within the archive into your Aircraft/787-8/Models folder.